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HyperX Vacuum Pad Headset Hanger

FOR MOST, HEADPHONES are the kind of thing that can sit on your desk or be tucked away in a draw, but as one of the most low tech organisation solutions, these reasonably priced units can make a massive difference to the feng shui of your desk or office.

The most versatile headphone holder is the tabletop rack, but if your desk happens to be anywhere near a wall, it might be better to look at a wall-mounted option. At $20, HyperX’s Vacuum Pad Headset Hanger is the most cost-effective hanging solution out there.

If you have the space for it, wall mounted units are actually also the most space saving and, arguably one of the better looking propositions overall.

We were initially worried about the sticky material used to mount the headset-hanger permanently marking the wall and not being relocatable, but the unit cleverly mixes a suction cup with a sticky but not paint peeling reusable material that gives a strong but removable bond to any smooth wall surface.


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