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The ZeroUno Plus pre-amp/DAC offers four digital inputs, two pairs of RCA 
input connectors and two pairs of analogue output connectors; it is based
upon a Sabre DAC chip.
The unit holds six separate power transformers, while an ES9018S Sabre is
included, using proprietary firmware.
All incoming analog/DAC signals are amplified by an inter-stage Lundahl
transformer. A Cirrus Logic CS 3308 chip is included, controlled by propriety
firmware while a valve output stage is based upon the 6SN7GT.
You can assign a displayable label to each input: Tape, Phono Or Tuner, Line
1, Line 2, Aux 1 and Aux 2.
Finally, the aluminium chassis has been coated with several layers of
metallic paint and two layers of transparent acryl.

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