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“An Optimal Deployable Energy Efficient Bandwidth Aggregation System,” builds
on previous attempts to improve multi-interface mobile devices, such as smartphones, by
allowing users to concurrently connect to the Internet in different ways, such as 3G, 4G, WiFi
and Bluetooth. Imagine you’re at a meeting and need to download a video on your phone.
Instead of choosing between wireless and 3G, what if you could combine them to download
the clip in half the time? Or, what if you’ve written an email, hit the send button, but don’t
want to pay for it to go out through 3G? Maybe your smartphone could wait until you’re
connected to free Wi-Fi before mailing it out. Users now choose between interfaces based
on factors such as speed, energy consumption and cost. Operetta allows users to combine
interfaces for optimal speed, or to choose 3G for a time-sensitive task while postponing
another task until a cheaper option, such as Wi-Fi, opens up, with no changes in existing
infrastructure. In other words, OPERETTA tells YouTube how best to download a video rather
than YouTube having to make changes to accommodate his technology.


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