Need To Know

LG G6 smartphone

LG’s flagship phones never fail to
impress us. The calm sense of selfassurance
with which LG launches
its top phones always speaks pretty
confidently over hyped-up offerings
of its competitors. Here again, the
understated G6 easily keeps pace
with the very best, but it’s packed
in a more sensible, more practical
body shell that still looks up-to-theminute
chic. It feels equally great in
hand; it’s sturdy and well-weighted,
with a grippable metal border. The
screen is great, with a pixel density
of 576 ppi, on par with Samsung’s
S8, and way ahead of the iPhone 7.
Two high-dynamic-range systems
balance the bright and dark areas of
a video scene for optimal viewing.
The camera is top notch, as you’d
expect, and you can now do wide
angle shots with dual 13 MP rear
cameras, and on the front camera
too (it’s a selfie thing!), and you can
zoom smoothly to wide angle in
video clips.
And, as a welcome final flourish,
the G6 is now waterproof as well.
What’s missing?
We’re bitterly disappointed that
LG’s buttons have moved from
the back of the phone to the edges,
like every other phone, where
you can accidentally start some
app every time you pick it up.
Also, we don’t like glass-backed
phones. They’re too fragile and
show up fingerprints too easily.
There’s nothing to choose in tech
spec between today’s top dogs,
Samsung’s S8 and LG’s G6. It may
simply come down to your personal
style, but we like the LG for its solid
build and more conservative styling.