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Solar City = Green City

A microgrid is a small scale energy system that uses distributed energy resources (DERs) to balance local needs. It can operate either in conjunction with, or independently of, the utility grid if the grid is unavailable.

SolarCity GridLogic is a turnkey energy solution for communities to obtain the complete benefit of traditional microgrids backed by the strength and experience that has made SolarCity America’s #1 full-service distributed energy provider. SolarCity GridLogic provides our best-in-class technology, financing, installation and ongoing services to deliver a comprehensive energy management solution.


Our in-house team of experts and local installers will take care of your entire project from start to finish, and support the operations of your microgrid for the life of the system. As with all SolarCity products, GridLogic comes with an innovative payment structure designed to suit your needs, including programs with little to no up-front costs. GridLogic enables your community to have clean, affordable and resilient energy without changing your daily system operations.


Key Benefits

ž Clean SolarCity extends its leadership in clean energy to the microgrid, where your community can experience the benefits of renewable energy day and night.
ž Affordable Our innovative financing options can be structured to fit your needs, while our dynamic and real-time control algorithms ensure that your microgrid is always operating to maximize your energy savings.
ž Resilient Our distributed energy architecture provides the dependable backup power you need to keep critical facilities running when the utility grid is down.

Customer Solutions

Municipalities Utilize clean, affordable energy while ensuring that your critical facilities such as police stations, emergency operations centers, grocery stores and gas stations are fully powered when you need them most.
ž Remote Communities Hedge against high energy costs while operating through grid outages.
ž Campuses Backup your most critical facilities to ensure that your key personnel can continue their work when it’s needed most.
ž Military Bases Rely on local, secure and reliable energy delivery for mission-critical operations, while drawing more from clean sources.

Turnkey Design, Operations and Maintenance

SolarCity makes adoption simple. Our in-house teams will design, install and maintain your microgrid. Once operational, our service integrates, optimizes and dispatches a diverse portfolio of DERs, including solar, energy storage, controllable loads and conventional generation while balancing the use of utility power to meet your full energy profile. In addition, GridLogic provides you with tools that make billing simple and promote engagement among the participants of the microgrid.


SolarCity makes GridLogic affordable and simple by offering both pay-as-you-go and an upfront capital purchase models. The monthly payments or total costs are calculated by performing an assessment of your proposed system. Our team will analyze your load profile to determine your consumption by day, evening and peak hours. Our team will also evaluate the capabilities of your existing DERs and distribution system. That assessment is balanced with your overall objective, be it lowest costs, maximum duration of backup power or something else.

Typical Applications

Municipalities with Critical Backup

Needs We know that one of the greatest challenges you face is managing energy costs while ensuring that critical facilities remain powered during emergencies and catastrophic events. With the frequency of major storms such as Hurricane Sandy increasing, we recognize that ensuring critical facilities remain powered during catastrophic events is a key priority for municipal energy managers. GridLogic ensures the resiliency of these facilities during such events. Facilities can include those that are municipal-owned (i.e. Fire, Police, Emergency Ops Centers) and those that are nonmunicipal-owned (i.e. Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, etc.), while providing energy cost savings year-round by utilizing the same assets to manage day-to-day energy costs.

Remote Communities

We understand that remote communities face the challenges of high costs of energy along with lack of resiliency during severe weather events. The costs of energy are driven by volatility in fuel costs and transportation costs. Managing the total costs of energy in a clean and reliable way is a priority for remote communities. GridLogic helps remote communities by integrating clean sources of energy with batteries, conventional generation and dynamic load to optimize overall operations. Our solution helps lower the costs of energy, while providing resiliency during severe weather events.

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