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Deep Blue and Watson are amazing examples of
supercomputers that were able to defeat the best
human practitioners in chess and quiz show
Jeopardy!, respectively. But what tech went into the
duo? Deep Blue beat world chess champion Garry
Kasparov in 1997, using its ability to assign values to
the various pieces on the board and analyse 200
million moves per second using its AIX operating
system and IBM SP Parallel System.
Watson came 14 years later and stunned the
world by not only being able to understand the
complex questions posed, but formulate a logical
response from its stored database in seconds. In
order for this incredibly powerful machine to work,
Watson used 90 IBM Power 750 computers, which
were the same as 2,800 high-speed computers,
housing 15 trillion bytes of memory. Interestingly,
IBM has recently announced a competition to push
developers into incorporating Watson’s intelligence
into mobile apps

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