These Incredibly Creative And Humorous Vet Signs Will Make You Roll On The Floor With Laughter. 

We all have to take our beloved pets to the vet every once in a while. And from the sound of it, the whole thing sounds boring and depressing. Which is why these awesome animal hospitals came up with all these humorous signs.

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1. I Hate That Song. 

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And I hate the fact that dogs get neutered. 🙁

2. True. Cats Will Only See Their Surroundings As A Place To Sit Or Sleep In. 

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And as for you, you are the can/bottle opener and the occasional head scratcher.

3. Dinosaurs Didn’t Have The Privilege Of Having A Vet Look After Them And Look What Happened To Them. 

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Poor dinosaurs. Roar xD.

4. I’m Starting To See That A Vet Has An Additional Subject Called Humorous Signs In Med School. 

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And dogs are faster than the speed of light. Fvck a 5 second rule.

5. It’s Alright. We All Want Our Babies To Feel Special Every Once In A While Don’t We? 

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These hilarious signs are urging me to adopt a pet straight away.

6. What Does A Vet Do Other Than Treating Animals? Oh Yes, He Makes Punny Jokes. 

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And the upside for the vet is that he can use those puns as signs. Humorous ones.

7. I Like Big Buttons Too! 

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Oh wait never mind. They meant mutts.

8. When Your Local Vet Is A Low-key Gangsta And He Slips It Up With His Humorous Signs. 

Humorous Vet Signs


Not to be confused with gang signs.

9. I Kissed. A Pug And I Liked It. Hope My Kitty Cat Won’t Mind It. 

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Actually kitty cat is pissed and she’s waiting for you to get your ass home so that she can sink her teeth in it.

10. I Have A Pretty Good Idea Who. 

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The vet who puts up humorous signs. Who else would be kind enough to do that?

11. But Some Dogs Perceive The Vet Visits As An Invasion Of Their Privacy And Get Really Mad About It. 

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That shit goes from 0 to 100 real quick.

12. Is Putting Up All These Hilarious Signs Even Legal? I Mean What If Someone Starts Laughing And Press On The Gas A Little Too Hard?

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That shit goes from 0 to 100 real quick too!

13. Let Me See You Whippet. 

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Vets sure have have a colourful life.


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Puppies are love!

15. My Dream Is To Settle Down. And By Settling Down, I Mean Getting A House And Adopting A Labrador. 

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What’s your dream?

16. This Has To Be The Most Hilarious Dura-Cell Joke I’ve Ever Read! 

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That’s awesome!

17. Too Many Cheetahs. 

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Way too many of them.

18. Hahaha. 

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How cute would a dancing dog be.

19. What A Punny Guy. 

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I’ve never seen a dog in an obedience cone in real life though.

20. Not Even Kitten. 

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