12 Erotic Novels That Will Awaken Your Deepest Desires!

Well, sometimes we all need something which fuels our imagination. What I mean, in particular, is our deepest desires. But seeing something on screen doesn’t really cut the deal at times, so we reside to reading. For those who love reading, they will be able to relate to, and erotic novels have always been popular amongst all. But I’m sure not many know such erotic novels besides your 50 Shades Of Grey!

These erotic novels will surely awaken your deepest desires!

1. The Gentleman’s Club.

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The Gentleman’s club by Emmanuelle de Maupassant is set in the Victorian era. Now, contrary to what we think, this era was actually known for its wild cultures.This book is all about exploring one’s forbidden desires of voyeurism, masochism and exhibitionism.

2. The Gorgeous Girls.

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The Gorgeous girls, written by Marie Wilson is a story of three women on a journey romance and sexual exploitation. But with really erotic sexual scenes you get the alcohol, parties and a lot of fun.

3. Veiled Innocence.

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Veiled Innocence by Ella Frank, is the story of every other girl probably. Having a crush on your incredibly hot teacher. So if you wanna picture yourself as the protagonist you better read and learn!

4. Taken.

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Taken by Selena Kitt is not your average romance sex novel. It involves two girls, one being a lesbian and the other a bisexual who longs for a man. They do find one, but when they think they are seducing him, he turns the table on them.

5. Meeting Her Match.

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Meeting her match by Justine Elyot, a woman after experiencing a bad break up, discovers her hidden dark deepest desires. She longs for someone who understands her sexual fantasies and fulfils them.

6. Lolita.

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Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, will make you uncomfortable because of its subject, but at the same time make you ache with passion and desire you didn’t even know you could feel.

7. Crash.

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Crash by Nicole Williams, is about the senior boy we all had a crush on in high school. But what happens when you fall head over heels in lust with him? Read the novel and find out.

8. The Siren.

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The Siren by Tiffany Reisz, This is inception: an erotica within an erotica. Struggling with a writer’s block the female protagonist is an erotic writer whose desires have been controlled by her editor.

9. Forever.

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Forever by Judy Blume, this erotic novel is about two lovers, who are head over heels in love, the first time they have sex. If you’ve had true love, you’ll definitely relate.

10. Between Lovers.

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Between Lovers by Eric Jerome Dickey, is a love triangle, between two women and a man. The lead is in love with her girlfriend but also misses her ex-fiance, So she brings together the two people who love her the most in front of each other. This novel will broaden your horizons and take you on a thrilling sexual ride and awaken your deepest desires.

11. Addicted.

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Addicted by Zane, is a story of a mother of three, a loving wife – with a dark secret. She has passion and desire she can’t talk to her husband about so she goes outside her marriage to fulfil her deranged sex addictions.

12. Dirty.

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Dirty by Megan Hart, is a story of a promiscuous girl who leads life by her own set of rules – casual sex, no attachments. The novel is not only hot and sensual, it has depth and will make you wonder at the fickle nature of life and emotions.

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