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25 Times People Later Regretted Their Drinking But It Was Hilarious!

Who loves drinking? Well, I do. But, what I don’t like is the part that happens after the awesome night.But I’m definitely sure that no matter how many times I’ve regretted drinking, I will definitely get drunk AF again!
These people have probably scored a century when they regretted drinking!
1. Well, you cannot drop me home if I’m already home, now can you?
2. Looks like Drunk Steve, Sober Steve, and Hungover Steve is having a problem with themselves.
3. I really love this Sting Ray who looks like one of those grannies over there. But I definitely don’t like the recreation of the photo.
4. Is she possessed or something? I would surely have a heart attack if I came home and saw this!
5. Let’s just thank them and get over with it, shall we? (And not bad-mouth these officers -_-)
6. Um, I have no idea what these are? I’m sure I don’t want to know either.

7. So, somebody was apparently trying to set their alarm in their calculator.
8. So, his girlfriend adopted a new cat and I think he is trying to get used to it.

9. This is no biggie people if you haven’t mistaken a bar of chocolate for your phone. Then you haven’t been that drunk!

10. I’m in love with this.

11. So, somebody’s drunk ass has been making these. And trust me, every word in the scribble makes sense.
12. This taxi driver carried someone’s drunk ass back to his place and now they are watching Take Me Out together.
13. Yeah, that just happened.
14. I think his expression says it all.
15. What!!
16. Yep he is.
17. Okay, I can’t stop cracking up at that!
18. That is really really cool!
19. Yeah true that!
20. Apparently, this is what you get for being too drunk!
21. That is pretty good.
22. Yeah, he gets it too.
23. So, he definitely tired this poor soul out.

24. Hahahaha! This is great!
25. LOL!
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