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20 Overweight People Reveal The Meanest Reactions From Their Family!

Being overweight is not such a bad thing. Well, only have you have support from family and friends. Sometimes, actually most of the times, it gets really tough being overweight. You sometimes face the meanest reactions from family and friends. These overweight people are sharing their stories and it is really heartbreaking.
You will be really heartbroken after you hear the meanest reactions these overweight people faced!
1.If your best friend is still with that guy then she isn’t really your best friend.

3. Some roommates can be really pissing off. And it’s a good thing that you won’t be seen with such a bimbo!
4. I know that it hurts.
5. Whoa! Best Friends? I don’t think they were even your friends!

6. You know what, this is the thing that hurts the most.
7. Okay, so apparently that has been my story, I don’t know for how many years.
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8. Some people think that it is really okay to make fun of whoever they feel like, wait till it’s their turn!
9. My mantra? Don’t pay heed to anybody who says anything.

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1o. Way to go girl! And I’m sure you achieve what you want to achieve.11. Okay, I’m not being judgemental, but your stepmother’s a mean woman.
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12. Yep, be proud of your achievements. You definitely deserve it!13. So? I don’t think this planet has a scarcity of boys! 14. You shouldn’t be, they should be for being literate fools.15. Yeah, cause they definitely don’t deserve it!16. I don’t know what with people body shaming other people.17. Do it only for yourself and no one else. Because, nobody deserves that much effort.read also: 21 Pregnancy Halloween Costumes That Are So Cool And Clever To Try This Year.
18. Okay, so ever wondered where did I get it from?19. Siblings, I can understand the pain.
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20. Yayyy girl! How’s that for a “fat” girl bitches?
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