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These Confessions Will Make You Want To Never Use Tampons Again!

As girls, tampons in our lives are a necessary evil. But sometimes, these tampons can give you some serious nightmares! And trust me when I say this. You will definitely not want to use tampons ever again after hearing these super scary and creepy confessions!
If you use tampons, these scary confessions will make you say no to tampons.
1. Whoa! That definitely sounds like a nightmare.

2. Same here girl, I’m good with pads, I don’t need tampons.

3. Noooo way! If my best friend hates it I hate it too. But honestly, that was scary.

4. How do the other girls do it? I have no idea whatsoever!

5. And I really feel amazed at people who do it!

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6. Yeah, Lol, true that!

7. Of course, it hurts. And I don’t know trust the people who say that it doesn’t.

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8. Exactly my point! And I think there should be more varieties of pads than tampons!

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9. So true girl! Yay pads.
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10. Trust me, I could never stick something up that hole and feel absolutely comfortable.

11. Pads are way better on the comfort note than stupid tampons!
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12. Nobody should seriously use tampons. I’m definitely way too scared of them!

13. Lucky for you!

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14. Honestly, I don’t want to ever risk it either!

15. Lol! So true!

16. Yeah, yeah true they are really painful, or so I’ve heard.

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17. Way to go!

18. I agree with you so definitely!

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19. Tell me about it!
20. Yep, they definitely are!
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