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Want To Click That Picture Perfect Shot? Check Out These Tips To Become A Pro In Mobile Photography.

There is no need to always carry with you a bulky camera or DSLR to capture a perfect shot when your mobile camera can work wonders. These tips can turn you instantly into a pro in mobile photography in your friends’ circle.
1. Always be stacked up.

Readiness is the key to photography. There is always something going on around us. If you find any instance photogenic just shoot it. As they say “there is never a right time”.
2. The right amount of light is what is needed.

To get that pro shot, light your subject in a proper way. Mobile photography is no different than DSLR photography. As you already know, shooting from mobile in low light leads to a lot of noise.
3. Try avoiding the use of Zoom and Flash as much as possible.

Zooming degrades the quality of picture and leads to loss of details, instead, you can take a wider frame and then crop the photo for a better effect. Remember those red eyes in your pictures making a devil out of you? Avoid flash to prevent this.
4. Edit.

A little editing here and there causes no harm, right? So go for it. I know you love editing. A little cropping, straightening and colour balancing can create magic and give a new definition to your pictures.
5. Hold your mobile steady and firm while clicking.

You don’t want blurry photos. Do you?Always remember to use both your hands while clicking a picture.
6. Shoot till you drop.

Trial and errors are a part of life. We take a lot of selfies just to be sure that we will get at least one perfect shot to upload on social media. Same is true for all kinds of photography. Never stop at one.
7. Composition ( The Rule of Thirds )

Use the Rule of Thirds all the time. Becoming a pro is not easy, you are needed to keep a lot of things in mind. Roughly divide your photo into three parts with two horizontal and vertical lines. Now try keeping the subject at the meeting point of the lines on your right-hand side.
8. Black and White.

As you might have already noticed, black and white create classy pictures, which are very useful for portraits.
9. The backdrop should not be distracting.

Too cluttered a background steals away the limelight from your pictures.
10. Always go for new perspectives.

Standing in front of a subject and clicking the picture is too common. For clicking a pro-level photo, learn to change angles. Mobile being a portable object, photography becomes easier. Some tips would be capturing from the ground level or from the top to give a bird’s eye view.
11. Reflections are the new trend.

Mirrors, glasses, puddles, water, reflection is everywhere. Incorporate them into your photography to get unique pro-style images.
12. Look out for moments.

That’s what photography is for, right? Capture as many moments as you can. They are going to last for a lifetime.
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