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19 Heartbreaking Reasons Why These Men Don’t Want Kids!

You know how we often make fun of men not wanting kids. But, have you really given this a thought? I mean, why do they run away or get scared when you mention having kids with them? Well, these men have some heartbreaking reasons as to why they don’t want kids of their own.
These heartbreaking reasons why men don’t want kids will definitely bring tears to your eyes!
1. Okay, that s just one mean person. 
2. Hey, it’s definitely not like that. You don’t to be scared, you don’t even know the severity of your situation!3. Well, this can definitely be one of the reasons.4. Having kids doesn’t stop you from “accomplishing things”.5. How can somebody not like kids? I don’t know!read also: Want To Click That Picture Perfect Shot? Check Out These Tips To Become A Pro In Mobile Photography.
6. The horrors of your past can take a toll on you. But don’t let them win please.7. That doesn’t mean that you will turn out to be just like him!8. Uh, you have other identities as in?9. God, some people!10. You never know how you will be, until you actually want to put your efforts into it. So, I suggest you re-think your decisions.
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11. The take measures, get some anger control therapy sessions. 12. Look, if you don’t want to raise your kids like your father then don’t. But don’t give up even before you have tried.13. Okay, sucks to be you.read also: 24 Early Warning Signs That Tell The Person You Love Doesn’t Love You Back.
14. I guess this is the most common fear of every other man.15. Then don’t! At least don’t be a naysayer. read also: Man Takes Pictures Of His Transformation Into Woman In 17 Months And The Last Pic Sums It All
16. So have you ever thought of seeking help? Or you are too much indulged in giving excuses!17. Yeah, probably.18. So, don’t you think you should really have kids so that you can maybe change that for once?read also: 12 Examples Which Show How Much Men And Women Are Different From Each Other In Everything.
19. Wow! Such reasons, much wow.
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