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25 Women Share Why Dating While Pregnant Is Difficult!

Dating somebody is really a great task at hand. And trust me when I say this that dating somebody who is really willing to give their 100% efforts is quite difficult. But, you know what really sets the level next to impossible? Dating while pregnant.
If you think normal dating is difficult then you may never want to know the difficulties in dating while pregnant!
1. Exactly, and nobody is willing to just make it look normal.
2. Well, I don’t know what really is the fetish with dating pregnant women and trying to be their baby’s father!3. And is that really your business man?4.5. Well, it would be really better if you just tell him.6. Yep. So true.7. Hey, there is always hope, you just need to be patient that’s all!8.  So much for being a gentleman!9. You know what, you don’t have to explain anything to them.10. That’s is absolutely not gross. I mean why would you even think that?11. It may be stupid, but sometimes all you need is love.12. Yup, that is so true.13. Everybody wants something more than just being physical. Apparently not men.14. No, no, and a third time, NO. He is a liar, and you should really up your confidence game.15. Sometimes, think aren’t always that easy.
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16. You just need to wait for the right man.17. You are attractive and being pregnant does not take your attractiveness away.18. When will they understand this?19. So, that’s just it?20. Seriously, men, you can be really disgusting at times.21. You know what, dump their asses you deserve way better!22. Because they are just silly old fuck boys.
23. Exactly.24. This is somewhat true I guess.
25. Well, this makes me sad.

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