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18 People’s Exes Who Won’t Leave Them Alone Ever!

It can take years to heal a broken heart and even longer to forgive the person who broke your heart. Everything feels so good when you get into a relationship but eventually, things start degrading and you break up. Time will help you move on and get over them but what if exes don’t allow you to move on? It’s said that you should forgive but never forget but what if your ex is not letting you forget them? Not all relationship has a happy ending and not all exes leave you after breaking up. Some exes are certainly worse than others. These frustrated people have been through the wringer with their exes obsessive behavior.
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So people in Whisper shared how their exes just won’t leave them alone ever!
1.But he is the father of your baby, shouldn’t you give him a chance?

2.So maybe you can forgive and forget whatever happened and give it a try!

3.So the guy should leave her if she still has feelings for you. 

4.Nice guys don’t stalk their exes!

5.Just ignore him and start your life with the man you love. 

6.Give your pins? Seriously?

7.Married with two kids but still won’t leave you alone? 

8.Some people are just too clingy and won’t leave no matter what!

9.Exes like him exist!

10.He is not crazy! He is a psychopath. Stay away from him. 

11.But he didn’t stop or say you anything so you probably can’t do anything. 

12.Maybe that’s just your hallucination. 

13.What? But how come he knows your exact address every time? 

14.Maybe she is just obsessed with you a bit too much and you should do something about it. 

15.Okay! So he was the one to break up and now he texts you pretending to be random people! Isn’t that crazy?

16.People understand your importance after you leave them. 

17.Can’t he just let you enjoy your summer holidays peacefully?!

18.Some people take more time than others to understand and accept things. 

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