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19 Shocking Things That Happened When Couples Talked About Their Future Together

When you’re dating someone there can be only two possibilities either you get married and spend your life together or you break up and move on with your life. So it’s quite natural to want to talk to your partner as your relationship progresses to gauge where they stand when it comes to your future plans together. Well, it’s human nature to assume things so we assume sometimes that we are on the same page only to be shot down. And when couples talk about their future together not always to get the desired answer. It’s not always what you want to hear but if you are together, you need to have this conversation with your partner. After all, that’s when couples can decide if it’s worth staying or not.
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Couples on Whisper shared shocking things that happened when they talked about their future together!
 1.Maybe he didn’t expect that question.

2.Maybe she is not sure about it yet. You should give her some time or just move on. 

3.But couples need to have this conversation to know if it’s worth staying or not. 

4.Why? How can you even ask this question?

5.Maybe he didn’t want to talk. Just give him some time. 

6.Why so? When he can why can’t you?!

7.It can surely lead to big arguments. 

8.Sometimes it’s just one-sided. 

9.What does it even mean?

10.Time to just leave him and move on with your life. 

11.Engaged for almost two years but don’t know when to get married?! Just give him his ring back!

12.No. You shouldn’t. 

13.Many people are terrified of planning ahead in case something doesn’t work out.

14.So why don’t you talk to her clearly about it? 

15.Seven years, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask. And if he doesn’t want to answer just throw him out of your life. 

16.That’s rude. How can someone not think of their future together even after being with them for 5 years?!

17.Of course, you did. Not saying anything is also an answer. 

18.What does that even mean?

19.Sometimes your own insecurities might be holding you back!

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