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How Harry Potter Characters Were Portrayed in the Movies vs. How J. K. Rowling Imagined Them

Harry Potter series is a masterpiece by J. K. Rowling with iconic characters in the movies but that is not how J. K. Rowling imagined them to be!
1. Dumbledore — blue-eyed with half-glasses

Richard Harris, who played the role of Dumbledore in the first 2 movies, was a better representation of the original character. Unfortunately, he didn’t live to star in the next movies and was replaced by Michael Gambon. And that is not a problem, but what happened to the blue eyes and half-glasses that made Dumbledore’s image complete?
2. Minerva McGonagall — much younger

The professor of transfiguration was 56 years old when Harry came to Hogwarts. And although Maggie Smith perfectly portrayed the image of Minerva, the book character is way younger.
3. Narcissa Malfoy — fair-haired

Aristocratic Narcissa Malfoy had long white hair, which made her look like a drowned woman. It’s not quite clear why she was given 2-tone hair in the movie.
4. Alastor Moody — disfigured and almost without a nose

When “Mad-Eye” Alastor Moody appears in Goblet of Fire, he is described as a man with a badly disfigured face and the tip of the nose. In the movie, however, he looks just fine apart from the eye and several lines on his face. Is a movie Auror’s job as dangerous as that of the original character?
5. Mrs Dursley — a long-necked blonde

The Mrs. Dursley in the book had a long neck that granted her the ability to spy on her neighbors. She also had blonde hair, which her son, Dudley, inherited. None of this is in the Harry Potter movies.
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6. Ron — a long nose and covered in freckles

Ron wasn’t spared either. He has a long nose and freckles that are nowhere to be found on Rupert Grint. Well, at least they got the hair right. Rupert played Ron perfectly, but why not add a few missing elements?
7. Bill Weasley — a completely disfigured face

He got huge scars in his fight with the werewolf Fenrir Greyback, which grotesquely disfigured his face (although Fleur Delacour didn’t love him less because of it). In the movie, however, we can see just some mere scratches.
8. Severus Snape — 31 years old when he first met Harry

Alan Rickman is a great Severus Snape. You can’t deny that. But we should not forget that J. K. Rowling wanted him to look a little older than 30 at the beginning of the first book. To our dismay, the whole franchise suffers from age overstatement, and there is nothing we can do about it.
9. Dolores Umbridge — frog-like

Professor Umbridge certainly had some resemblance to a frog thanks to her round bulging eyes, largemouth, and pale loose skin. And, of course, the finishing stroke: a small black bow resembling a fly in her short mouse-coloured hair.

10. Krum — tall and slim with a hooked nose

Viktor Krum was tall, slim, and had a hooked nose. He also had thick eyebrows and dark hair and looked awkward on the ground. None of these qualities are to be found in the movie (despite maybe a tiny bit of dark hair). That’s a pity.

11. Rufus Scrimgeour — lion-like


In the book, Rufus resembled an old lion because of his “mane” of graying ginger hair and his style of clothing. He wore wire-rimmed glasses and limped. Despite his disagreements with Harry, Scrimgeour did resemble a lion: the symbol of Gryffindor. He’s got all the courage in the world.

12. Harry Potter — dishevelled and green-eyed

Harry has his mother’s green eyes, and the wild hair that refuses to be styled came from his father. Unfortunately, these important aspects weren’t reflected in the Harry Potter series. However, Daniel Radcliffe has still done a great job playing the little wizard with his own eye color.
13. Hermione — lush hair and long front teeth

Hermione is like an 11-year-old J. K. Rowling. The author chose a thick bush of chestnut hair and large front teeth (which she reduced in her second year when Malfoy’s spell ricocheted into her) to be this little sweetheart’s distinguishing features. Nevertheless, Emma Watson has very nice teeth from the very first movie.

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