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These Lazy People Came Up With Brilliant Ideas To Decorate For Christmas

The holiday season is definitely in and it is high time that we decorate for Christmas. But there are some people who are way too lazy to get the job so. And sometimes their laziness actually help them to come up with some brilliant ideas!
These lazy people had some pretty brilliant ideas to decorate their house for Christmas! (Or at least pretend that they are decorating!)
1.  Yeah, yeah I’ve got it covered I have people at work.
2. This definitely looks pretty much the same thing doesn’t it?
3. Now that is definitely something creative!
4. Now, finally, somebody is making sense. 
5. Ughhh, that is scary. It looks really scary. You do remember that this is Christmas and not Halloween right?!
6. well, well, look who’s in for the holidays!
7. Me, every time someone asks me about my decorating plans. 
8. A tree is a tree, no matter how small it may be. It is definitely a tree.
9. These reindeers are definitely the cutest thing ever!
10. Oh, please, that isn’t lazy at all. 
11. Yeaahhh, a decorated tree. Isn’t it beautiful?
12 This is either the laziest or the most brilliant thing ever!
13. This is definitely a multi-purpose corpse grandpa.
14. Now, this is a glimpse of my Christmas tree.
15. That is just beautiful!
16. Finally, the kids get to draw on the walls. And I think this is what holidays are all about! Having fun!
17. It is definitely happening sooner or later. 
18. Here’s another tree!
19. Okay, that is just pitiful. 
20. That is not a tree Susan!
21. That is one large present sweetie!
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23. Okay, okay, I get it. 
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24. That is no sign of laziness dude. That requires effort. 
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