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10 Most Strange And Unexplained Broadcasts That Might Creep You Out!

Stop looking for the mysteries elsewhere when you can find them hovering around you. I know, it’s puzzling, but hey that’s true. For the past many years, airwaves have been at the very centre of what we call unusual signals, unexplained broadcasts or in a word definition, mystery. There are a number of strange signals lurked out in our atmosphere which is by far, unbeknownst to all. However certain radio enthusiasts took this up as a challenge to hunt these transmissions down. For the most part, they have been succeeded in providing a concrete explanation, whereas a few of these aberrant phenomena still remains a mystery.

1. Upsweep

This strange yet unexplained noise was first caught by US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 1991. Although on inspection, its source can be traced back to 54°S 120°W, it could be heard all over the Pacific Ocean.

2. The Twenty Minute Mystery

This signal is observed for exactly 20 minutes before it stops. Observed at a number of frequencies, the signal was first spotted by The European Numbers Information Gathering & Monitoring Association (ENIGMA) in 1998.

3. The Whistler

These peculiar broadcasts were again observed by the NOAA. This time though, it was similar to the noise produced by volcanoes, but can only observe by one hydrophone out of the three required to triangulate the source. Result? It’s still a mystery.

4. Vrillon

A UK based TV channel experienced a strange signal that was expected to have come from the outer space. Who sent the message and what it had, is still unknown.

5. The Buzzer

The Buzzer has been airing since 1982 and up until now, it has only been interrupted thrice. If that’s not enough to freak you out, well it also throws away random Russian names. And it’s still unexplained. Get that?

6. The Bloop

It is an ultra-low-frequency powerful sound which was recorded by the NOAA. Primary theories suggest that the signal might be due to a huge sea animal or it is just an Ice Berg screeching the ocean. The source of The Bloop is somewhere between Antarctica and South America.

7. Oops!

The animated Disney TV show Hanny Manny was interrupted by hardcore porn in 2007. The incident happened for the users of Lincroft, New Jersey. However, the event was said to be investigated but the perpetrator hasn’t been found yet.

8. Porn Strikes Again

The viewers of Tuscon, Arizona reported to have seen porn while watching Super Bowl XLII. Comcast took the initiative to dig up the culprit behind, but they failed yet again.

9. The Click

The click broadcasts were noticeably observed during the 90s and were said to have transmitted over a different range of frequencies. Although it’s not common these days, but few people still report it’s existence.

10. Wow! Signal

Picked up by the Big Ear Telescope at Ohio State University, this signal was said to source from empty space. It lasted for 72 seconds to be precise. This unusual transmission astonished the astronomer Jerry R. Ehman so much, that he wrote Wow! besides the signal, and hence the strange signal was named so. A few of the scientists have speculated its source as hydrogen clouds near our galaxy, but not everyone seems to be convinced with this theory.
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