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12 Facts So Weird, You Might Think They Are Fake

We, humans, love knowing more about the complicated and weird world around us. Be it the historical facts or the geographical brass tacks, we all go ‘wow’ when we read about any of these. But besides these weird facts that amaze us with knowledge, there are things that might deceive you into believing that they really are what we call facts. These points might be so outrageous that you may think them to be fake or just someone’s made-up attempt to keep the internet busy. Hell to whatever it is, but one thing’s assured that you won’t get bored while reading these facts. And, here they are.
1. We Can Hibernate

Let’s start off with this. We know how animals like frog, fish and turtles store food as extra fat which they use as energy while hibernating. And what’s hibernation? Well, it’s a state where the temperature of the body drops, heartbeat slows down and animals just, sleep. To our amusement, humans can also hibernate. We are equipped with genes that may use hibernation as a survival tactic when required. This could be weird but it’s true.
2. The Survival Of A Chicken

A farmer tried beheading a chicken but did it improperly. He missed the jugular vein which led the headless chicken to survive for 18 months. The chicken fed through its visible oesophagus through an eye dropper, and the farmer charged money to witness this headless amusement. He made around $4,500 a month.
3. Saudi Arabia And The Camels

Think about Saudi Arabia and the first thing striking our mind is um, oil. Yeah, but the second on the list are camels and the fact that these camels are imported from other countries might seem fake and weird, but it is actually true. Saudi Arabia imports the majority of its camels from Australia and Africa, and most of them end up being served on the dinner plates. Camel meat is quite famous there.
4. Diamond Rain

As fake as it may sound, but it rains diamond on the planets Jupiter and Saturn. An interesting theory even suggested that robotic diggers could be sent to these planets to dig these diamonds back to earth. Good to see our greed’s expansion.
5. Wombat Poop Is Square

I don’t know why we are even discussing this.
6. Coca-Cola As A Healing Drug

Shamans in Mexico believe that Coca-Cola helps in healing the worshippers. Since Cola induces burping, it is said that this pushes out the evil from the soul. Some people take it in shot glasses, like a dose of medicine.
7. Russia – 1 | Pluto – 0

Pluto has a land area of 16.7 x 106 square kilometres, whereas Russia is covering a surface area of 17.1 x 106 square kilometres. So Pluto, listen up, Russia ain’t got no shit about you.
8. No Moon, Please!

The distance between our beloved Earth and Moon is increasing by few centimetres per year. All this is possible due to the gravities of both the planets. It’s messing it all up.
9. Hear It Out

A number of researches have shown that it is possible to distinguish between hot and cold water just by hearing them. By hearing I mean to say the sound they make when you pour it into something. The experiments conducted with this theory were successful with 100% accuracy.
10. Clouds Deceive Us

While imagining clouds we think them to be soft and fluffy. This eventually makes them light in weight, right? But the fact is that they can be much heavier then we may imagine. Even the smallest cloud could weigh up to 200 tons. This actually makes sense because all they have is water.
11. Indian Housewives Has It All

India is a country where wearing gold is an undying part of a culture. It is the largest consumer of this metal with Indian housewives having 11% of the world’s total Gold. Also, Indian households have more gold than the reserves of USA, Germany and Switzerland combined.
12. Stupidity Can Be Caught

Okay, this may seem fake, but you can actually catch stupidity now. Scientists have found a stupidity virus named ATCV-1 in the human body. Infected people tend to do task slower than usual and lack concentration. That’s weird, but true.
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