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Scientists Reveal 10 Qualities Of An Ideal Man And It’s Not What Any Man Would’ve Expected

An ideal man whose bravery is off charts, and has a muscular body reflecting each bit of his curves lives only in the internet uploads. Women might not believe it, but sometimes an ideal man is not with qualities like muscularity or someone who could make a spectacle of his bravery. Sure many of you girls would like to have these traits in your ideal man, but scientists revealed these factors that women mostly look for in their ideal match. Every woman decides her own criteria for handsomeness and you can’t really do anything about it, boys. But in case you have these qualities that a majority of women wants in their man, chances are that you might get lucky one day. Let’s have a scientific view as to what women want from us.

1. Eyebrows and Jawline

Well, you must be familiar with the fact that women do crave those perfect cut jawlines. But they also have a liking for men having thick eyebrows with a square chin. So all the men having these qualities, congrats. For the rest of them, please don’t die!

2. The Listening Power

You know what can escalate a girl’s interest in you? Paying attention. She would feel safe and secure around you if you could just put your goddamn phone on the table and tell her “Go on. I’m listening.”

3. Scars

Psychologists made the women see two different images of men. One with scars and the other with less or only birthmarks. To everyone’s surprise, women tend to gravitate more towards men having gunshot scars, rather than your generic fallen-from-bicycle scars. I don’t understand what’s in a scar to fall for?

4. Sense of Style

The way you dress up has a great impact on the women. They wouldn’t let you have a hint that they’re checking you out, but hey, that doesn’t make this a lie. They do, and will definitely check you out no matter what. And that’s where your sense of style says a lot about you.

5. Age

If a woman has to choose between two equally handsome men, she’d choose the one with a slightly older age. It is well-known fact that people do become wiser and more independent as they grow. So maybe they want a more mature and understanding ideal man. Scientists call this as George Clooney Effect.

6. Control

And by that I mean self-control. But what for? Well, it’s a good idea to spend a huge amount just to buy your girlfriend a gift. While some women might find this cute (duh!), there are some who’d prefer calling it a stupid act. Women want their other half to save money. This throws a great self-control impression.

7. Red Is The Key

This is quite old, but still works. Scientists have already proven that men wearing red clothes have a higher chance of wooing women. Whereas the same could be said for the women. I mean, vice versa.

8. That Damn Smile

A smile wearing man becomes a lot more attractive and it’s true for women as well. Scientists believe that if a man has a pinch of shame/shyness and dignity in his smile then women might get attracted easily. This could be the reason why girls are so much into ‘bad guys’.

9. Musical Instrument

Of course, a freaking of course. A man sitting and holding a guitar would be noticed more by women, compared to the simple guys whom they’d prefer calling nerds. Though it works for every other musical instrument as well. If you know how to play one, good. Congrats.

10. Sense of Humor

If you could make her laugh at your lame ass jokes, you might have just earned yourself some brownie points. Women love men with qualities like a great sense of humor. They don’t need someone who couldn’t deal with the stresses of this world. Neither do they need someone who keeps on joking every time. There’s a fine line. Be a man enough to sense that.
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