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The Love Between Dads And Their Little Girls Will Melt Your Heart!

Dads are probably the first and last real superheroes you will ever have. And no matter who comes in your life, the role our dads play in our lives will always remain constant. This Ukranian Artist is showing the heartwarming love between fathers and their little girls in his illustrations.
Snezhana Soosh has created a series of watercolor illustrations show the magic and beauty of the love between dads and their little girls!
1. It is our fathers who teach us to respect everyone, no matter whether he is a king or a beggar. 
2. He will always protect you from all the evils in the world. 
3. He can feel sad and broken too at times. But having his ladies beside him takes away all the pain. 
4. Holidays are always super awesome with him!
5. Nothing can ever cause you pain, not even the sun. He will always be there to protect you.
6. Yep, he is gonna let you do everything you want to do without complaining about it!
7. Yeah, so that’s gonna happen too!
8. So, this is probably the best thing ever. And you can never get enough of it.
9. Daddy’s princesses need playmates, and he will always be there for y
10. Helping them with everything and never discouraging them. 
11. You have never known love if you’ve never worn dresses made by your dad. 
12. Because you always need him to scare away the monsters under you bed.

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13. They will need you to get over the death of their first pet.
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14. Because nothing on this earth is better than you.
15. You are her ship and she definitely is the captain!
16. She can never get used to you going away to work.
17. She can never stay away from you, you don’t even get long bathroom breaks anymore.
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18. The safest place on Earth. 
19. Because you can make nothing too hard for her. 
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20. You have to be your little girls Stylist at times. 
21. And you are always ready to help you ladies. 
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22. I bet, there is no one better than your dads as your partner. 
23. Every artist needs an inspiration. 
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24. She has her specific set of instructions and you are more than happy to follow them.
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25.  She always knows how to make you look the most handsome. 
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