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Top 7 Adult Apps For Android Device With Fresh And Exotic Content

Probability that you’re reading this on an Android device is um, considerable. There is a lot that Android tablets and smartphones are capable of doing and some of these might be of adult nature. And no, we didn’t mean to condemn or demean anything or anyone. Adults using their Android device for accessing adult content is just fine, as far as we keep things legal. While a number of you guys and girls prefer taking it easy, some of them might find it offensive and we are actually pretty fine with it. Yes, I mean of course, we still believe in “live and let live” philosophy. But don’t you worry, this article is not meant to push the limits or get off the boundaries. We are just here to let you know the best possible ways to access adult content on your Android device through apps. And it’s true though, why just keep searching for it on the browser? Do it as an adult instead.

1. Daydream VR

Well, what’s more better than watching your favourite adult content in virtual reality? I guess nothing. The VR entertainment industry is pacing at a fast rate and maybe the reason why adult industries have caught a hold of them. Daydream VR is all about watching your favorite adult content in VR. So you could literally be I the room(virtually of course).

2. PornHub

You wouldn’t find it on the Google Play Store. This app can be downloaded from the Pornhub website and brings HQ videos and pictures on your smartphones and/or tablets. PornHub app is an ad-free and secure way of accessing adult content, unlike the peers in competition. You can choose from a number of categories, Chromecast videos to a TV and can even lock the video player.

3. MiKandi

While many adult apps have only videos as their content, MiKandi pushes the limit by hosting a large collection of sex-themed content. You will come across different sex games, stories, videos and other sex related stuff. Only problem with this app is that you need to have credits to access each channel. The MiKandi app can be downloaded from its website. It’s not available on the Play Store.

4. Literotica

And then there are those people who couldn’t satisfy their inner self by just videos and pictures. They need something else. Something different. And that is what Literotica has to offer. This app has a great collection of erotic ebooks and audios, narrating a sex story. Although the app is a bit old, still it has a plethora of content for you to give it a shot. I mean sure, sometimes it’s better to imagine things rather than witnessing them virtually, and Literotica is the best choice for that purpose.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is one of those social apps where you will find the blogs about every topic that you can imagine. Be it the most amateur fantasy or something very professional, everything’s been stacked up here. Tumblr won’t disappoint you even if adult content is what you intend to search on the app. From the most tame to the most graphic content, everything is available on Tumblr.

6. iKamasutra Lite

A bliss for the couples who want to experiment with their sex life. This app focuses on providing more info about the different sex positions and how you could get into one. The free version has 30 positions for you to choose from, moreover you can unlock the other 110 by paying extra pennies. You can even generate a random position by simply shaking your phone. The other features includes a to-do list, favourite list and even a share option for the brave ones.

7. Tinder

Even though it cannot be regarded as one of those adult apps, but its sure focused on providing perfect match for single guys/girls. Where a number of matched couples go on to enjoy their newly found date, there are a few of them who prefer hookups for a night or so. Tinder is actually a very good way to find a perfect match for yourself. Or maybe it can help you find someone to get laid with.
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