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12 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Being Thankful

Admit it, we all have struggled to be more thankful at certain cases. This difficulty is faced particularly when we’re going through a hardship. But how about if being thankful comes with perks of a healthy living? Well, wouldn’t want to miss that right? A number of scientifically proven evidence shows that a sense of gratitude hosts a lot of health benefits. The reason why researchers suggest practising gratitude on a daily basis. It enhances the state of the body on both physical and mental level, radically changing the lifestyle. While it has these bodily benefits, it might also embellish your relationships.

1. Reduces Stress

According to a report by the University of Warwick, being thankful to someone could wither away the state of depression and can help in reducing anxiety levels.

2. More Happier

In a research conducted by Kent State University, people recognized that being thankful has actually made them happier. There are a number of ways to practice thankfulness and in this research, participants wrote letters to the people who’ve made a positive impact on their lives.

3. It Could Be Tedious

While you must practice thankfulness on a daily basis, it does have certain disadvantages as well. According to various studies, showing gratitude more often and on repetition might make it a tedious task. Happiness activities are best done in variation.

4. Overall Development

Studies have also shown that showing gratitude not only has a positive impact on the personality but also enhances the physiological well being of an individual. So you get an overall development.

5. Self-Esteem

In a study conducted by Journal of Sports Psychology, people who showed gratitude tends to have higher self-esteem. This is due to the fact that it reduces social comparisons, giving away that friendly feel.

6. Sound Sleep

Researchers have agreed upon that showing thankfulness could help you have a sound sleep. This can be directly linked to being happy that we just discussed in point 2.

7. Fat Intake

Well, for all those fitness freaks out there, this one’s for you. In order to achieve a better dietary behavior, being thankful could just help you out. A scientifically proven study revealed that having a sense of gratitude could reduce the fat intake by more than 25%. That’s just one small step towards a great health.

8. Grades

The Journal of Happiness Studies researched about whether or not grades and contented behavior are linked. The results, however, were in favour of adolescents who had an appreciative side for others. Their grades were better. But hey, studying still matters.

9. Self-control

For a generation like us, self-control is of utmost importance. We tend to spend more for even our tiniest needs. Scientific research shows that if you are obliged for what you have, you wouldn’t demand more in short time. It literally stops us from spending on unnecessary things.

10. Brain Rewiring

Being contented can gravitate your brain to think about only positive, good, and happy aspects of life. The feeling of thankfulness can literally eliminate negative thoughts out of your brain. And it’s scientifically proven. I swear.

11. Stronger Relationships

You wouldn’t lonely anymore once you start practising gratitude. Research suggests that people who have these aspects, tends to have stronger and long-lasting relationships.

12. Immunity

Being thankful comes with perks of a lot of health benefits. It could help you relax by lowering the blood pressure, and provides more physical and mental strength by boosting the immune system.
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