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A Report Suggested That Spiders Could Wipe Us Out Within Just One Year And It’s Horrifying

Can you name that one person who isn’t afraid of these creepy, weird and sinister-looking creatures? I bet you’d have to think more about it because there isn’t anyone. I mean look at these hairy critters, who wouldn’t be afraid of them?

And unless you’re supremely brave, you would definitely be feared to face these creatures crawling across you.

Spiders are everywhere

In every corner of this world, there are about 131 spiders per square meter. In certain extreme cases, there can be more than a thousand of these eight leg creatures per square meter. But this is only in specific areas and places provided that the conditions are suitable for their survival. According to some renowned psychological experts, we would have to confront them head-on to overcome our deepest darkest fears.

Just A Year Is What We Have

Yes, that’s true. If the recent research has anything to go by, we would have to fear the spiders more since they have the potential to actually wipe us all out just within a year.
I don’t know what it means to you, but it surely scares the hell out of me. Like I don’t want my life to be taken by a giant spider crawling across my body with its scary eyes continuously glaring at me. Ew!
The Alarming Report of Washington Post
The report published by the Washington Post claims that in a year, the weight of food eaten by the entire spider population would be greater than the total weight of all humans combined. It is estimated to be 316.3 million tons.

In order to find out if it’s an attempt to create chaos, a researcher further investigated and felt that the findings were backed up by facts. He observed that in Australia alone, the number of spiders is so much that they outweigh the total human mass in the country.
This extensive research was headed by Klaus Birkhofer of Lund University and Martin Nyffeler of the University of Basel in Switzerland. This disturbing report was published in the Science of Nature.

Spiders consume between 450 million and 850 million tons of fish and meat every goddamn year. Whereas humans, on the other hand, consume only around 400 million tons of fish and meat per year. These figures are more than enough to frighten anyone up.

So does that mean the spider community could possibly assemble all together to feast on our flesh and bring us, humans, down? Do they have the potential to wipe us out within a year?

Kane Christensen, Head of Spiders at the Australian Reptile Park has said that if they ganged up, it would be a piece of cake for these creatures to wipe us down within a year. Although it might seem practically impossible, but the researchers have a strong feeling about it.

Weirdly, John Darnielle from the North Carolina based band The Mountain Goats has set up a petition. He asked Senator Al Franken to “give spiders all the help they need to wipe us out from the Earth within a year”.
Darnielle might seem to be way too much sceptical about it, but unfortunately for him, Kane Christensen did say that it’s highly unlikely spiders would do that. According to the Head of Spiders, these eight leg creatures don’t have it in their “biological nature” to mess up things for humans. They won’t start preying on us.
But as satisfying as it may sound, spiders are expanding their reach very fast. Want to know how? Well, some of their species are big enough to prey on bats. Hell yes, that’s in their biological nature.
Webbing and eating them up! And if you dare, watch the video below to see a giant spider in action. And it’s gross. Like, seriously.

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