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These 10 Signs Are Enough To Find If Your Partner Is Manipulating You

Relationships are so much complicated. Dare to handle them without respect, love and care, and they start turning manipulative and abusive. Although it doesn’t take anyone too long to know they have got stuck in an unhealthy relationship, but still, if you haven’t noticed up until now, it’s time. Lying, back-bitching, and cheating are just a few of the many reasons why you need to get yourself out. It’s ironic, but relationships which are meant to feed us with love and support, turn us into puppets handled by our partner. He/She can use us in whatever way they want to. These factors are enough to make it clear if your partner is manipulating you.

1. If It’s You Who’s Always Guilty
One common skill that all manipulators have, is the ability to deceive their partner into believing that they are guilty. If even the most normal conversation takes a sharp U-turn and hits you back, it’s high time you realize you’re being manipulated.

2. If They Provoke You
The last thing manipulators would do in an argument they are losing would be to provoke their partner. In case they have left with nothing to say, they’ll force you to such a level that makes you come up with something that questions their sanity. Their words might trigger you in saying something you shouldn’t.

3. If They Push You To Make Quick Decisions
A manipulating mind is clever enough to push you in making quick decisions. They believe in “The less time we have to decide, the less time we have to think”.

4. If They Play The Victim Card
In order to gain some “benefits”, these people might cook up stories. They try to influence their partners by showing how much of a support they need in their life. However, don’t misjudge your partner sharing emotional feelings with you. They’re doing it to get support. Manipulators do it for benefits.

5. If They Don’t Really Care


A manipulating mind wouldn’t care much about its partner. If you share anything with them, they will pay no attention to it and even if they did, it wouldn’t take it long for them to switch out from the conversation.

6. If They Blackmails You
“I’ll die without you” if this is what you heard quite often from your partner, chances are that they are being manipulative. This technique commonly known as emotional blackmail, is the most selfish of them all. The manipulator plays on your feelings and breaks you down to accepting whatever they’re saying.

7. If They’re Putting Words In Your Mouth
Do you feel your partner says things and adds up a “Didn’t you say this?”. Well, if the answer is yes, there’s a high chance you’re being deceived. A manipulator has mastered his skills in twisting the past and presenting it by saying they’re your words. They put themselves in a comfortable situation, and watch you struggle in agony.

8. If They’re Stubborn Af!
One of the most common things in all manipulators is the fact they are all stubborn. Damn stubborn. They wouldn’t want to change their opinion and this is the reason why your fights may never end. They’ll keep coming back again.

9. If They Play Dumb
Acting childish all the time and pretending you haven’t understood anything is an old trick. A manipulating mind wants to be in a comfortable position always and this is the reason why they will play dumb all the time.

10. If They’re Being Tricky
Manipulators will use tricks to get what they want from you. They will put forward exaggerated requests, followed by their seemingly weaker requests (which is actually what they want) and will try to manipulate you. They try to get what they want, no matter what.
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