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12 Animals That Have The Potential To Actually Kill Us

There are different animals in this world. Some of them are deadly, some are adorable and some are a combination of both. While most of these deadliest ones have physical appearances which justify their violent nature, many other sweet looking animals can also harm us. Scientists say that even most non-violent animals can go off the bars to kill us. Like do you really think dolphins are harmless? Or those sweetly adorable pandas won’t try to kill us? If you think like this, there’s high time you should beware of all the possibilities. Here are animals that have the potential to literally kill us.

1. Cassowary

This bird might be attractive, but if you dare to disturb it, congrats, you’ve got yourself in trouble. Found in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, the most common attack of this bird is disembowelment using its claws.

2. Leopard Seals

These sea creatures look so adorable and cute, why would we even think they can hurt us? Well, there have been instances of seal attacks on researchers. They are found to have a very aggressive behaviour.

3. Anteater

Anteaters look less harmful simply because they don’t have teeth. But do not mistake them to not attack you. They have dangerous claws which they can use if feel threatened by us.

4. Panda

Pandas are so cute and lazy, that one might not even think that they can kill us. But once they feel vulnerable and scared, they can be aggressive and may attack just like those bears.

5. Elephant

They are one such strongest and largest animals on our planet. Also, they are known to be smarter and intelligent as compared to other faunas. We consider elephants to be kind and naive creatures, but they can trigger into being severely aggressive. There have been cases where accidents are caused by elephants going out of control.

6. Africanized Honey Bees

These bees are known for their vicious and hateful behavior. They can swarm their enemies and can chase them for miles.

7. Pufferfish

In Japan, this fish makes quite a famous dish. However, if poorly prepared, this fish can be extremely fatal. It hosts deadly toxins that it uses in its defence. Even when it’s killed, the toxins can still result to be deadly.

8. Swans

Swans are associated with romantic imaginations. They are used to portray love. But at the same time, swans are dangerous as well. They have been known to cause significant damage in cases when they were disturbed or threatened. So next time you feed a swan, beware, they’re watching you.

9. Hyenas

Hyenas are predators that are not very “good” with humans. Also, wild hyenas are so aggressive, that they hunt down anything that moves.

10. Dogs

Sharks are infamous for killing 10 humans per year. Whereas these four-legged pets that we have, kill 25,000 humans per year on an average. Reasons can be either close proximity to humans and rabies.

11. Wolves

Wolves only attack humans if they feel a threat to their territory or when they are provoked. But their attacks are deadly enough to kill us.

12. Blue Ringed Octopus

Regarded as one of the deadliest and venomous animals in the world, this bright sea creature bears the capability to kill an adult human within minutes. Their venom has no antidote. So once you’ve been bitten, time to say goodbye.
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