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12 Very Touching TV Deaths That Devastated Us To The Core

TV series with proper twists and turns rule the game. All the deaths that occur on TV need to be planned to perfection. If the death of your favorite character devastates you, then we can say that it was well-planned.
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Here is a list of 12 Very Touching TV Deaths That Devastated Us To The Core. BEWARE, MAJOR SPOILER WARNING.
1. Maude Flanders – The Simpsons
When the woman who voiced Maude Flanders demanded more money, the creators of the show had two options, either to give her the extra money or kill Maude Flanders. The producers decided to kill Maude shooting a t-shirt cannon into a crowd and knocking her off the grandstand.

2.  Violet Harmon- American Horror Story
In American Horror Story,  as the story progresses, Violet Harmon and Tate fall in love. However, later it was revealed that she had died a long ago and was ghost all the time.

3. Jane Margolis – Breaking Bad
Jane Margolis was the girlfriend of Jesse Pinkman in the season three of the very popular TV series Breaking bad. In the series, Jane dies because of over addiction to Heroine.

4. Six Feet Under
In the final episode of the legendary TV series Six Feet Under, the entire cast dies (all the main characters die). I think it is one of the best endings to a television show in history.

5. Lady Sybill Crawly – Downtown Abbey
After the sudden death of Lady Sybill Crawly from Downtown Abbey, entire twitter blew up. All the fans were completely destroyed mentally because of the loss of their favorite Crawley sister from eclampsia.

6. Andrea – The Walking Dead
Andrea from The Walking Dead died when she was locked in a room with a zombie.

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7.  Adriana – The Sopranos
Adriana got into some situation whether she had to betray her boyfriend. The punishment for her betrayal was death.

8. Denny – Grey’s Anatomy
Denny, the fiancee of Katherine Heigl’s character died out of nowhere in Grey’s anatomy.

9.  Catelyn Stark, Rob Stark, Rob’s Baby Mamma and Rob’s unborn baby – Game Of Thrones
How can we forget the legendary Red Wedding? Well, The Lannisters sent their regards. It was indeed one of the painful TV deaths.

10. Lucy Knight – ER
Lucy Knight’s death on ER will continue to haunt us for eternity.

11. Lane Pryce – Mad Men
In Mad Men, Lane Pryce is confronted by Don for looting company money due to which he is seen finding for ways to die. Later, Lane hangs himself in his office.

12.  Jin and Sun – Lost
Jin and Sun from Lost both held hands while drowning together in a sinking submarine.

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