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People Tweeted The Best Examples Of Double Standards In Our Society

Well, we live in a society that is totally plagued by double standards. And in case you weren’t aware of it, let me tell you that people just ignore the double standards of the society in the name of ‘keeping the peace.’ When Twitter users were asked by Hashtag Roundup to identify some of the double standards of the society using the hashtag #NowThatsADoubleStandard, they disturbed that peace like there was no tomorrow. No matter how much we think that we are moving forward towards the right direction, there’s a lot in this society that proves how bad we are stuck in the Stone Age most of the time. While some of them were the perfect examples that we all are quite familiar with; women being called ‘bitches’ because of their confidence, men being made to feel ashamed for crying!
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1.Well, that’s how the society name girls who have a lot of male friends. 

2.Or some people just blame it on the man. One of the perfect examples of how double-faced we are!

3.That’s the best one. Everyone wants to change others but wants others to accept them the way they are. 

4.She can’t speak what she wants. 

5.Why do you always blame everything on ‘that time of the month’? Can’t women get upset or angry with some other reasons?

6.Well, we don’t even really know that God exists but we still believe in it. But we won’t believe the things that are shown with pieces of evidence. 

7.Why so? Why can’t you treat them equally? 

8.Isn’t it acceptable now? And what’s wrong with liking someone of the same gender?

9.Because not so cute people can sometimes be the best person you’ve met. 

10.Well, they do teach us how to make money without having any talent. 

11.But aren’t they old as well? They may be much more experienced. 

12.Double standards of our society! If calling someone ‘fat’ is offensive, why not calling someone ‘skinny’ is?!

13.Doesn’t men have emotions and have the right to show them sometimes?

14.Oh really? How ironical!

15.Because that’s what is showed to us. Isn’t this the perfect example?

16.Because according to people Muslims are always terrorists!

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