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This Is Where The Cast Of Malcolm In The Middle Stands 10 Years Later

Last year, Malcolm in the Middle turned 10. This TV show was with us all the years while we were growing up. Let’s travel back in time and see where the cast stands 10 years later.
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Here are a few details the entire cast of Malcolm In The Middle Stands and where they are nearly 10 years later.
1. Frankie Muniz (Malcolm)
Currently, Muniz is engaged to Elycia Marie Turnbow. After starring in a sci-fi movie Blast Vegas, he took up competitive race car driving. He also played in a band called Kingsfoil.

2. Bryan Cranston (Hal)
As the TV series came to an end, Bryan Cranston had become quite a star. In 2008, Bryan Cranston played the role of Walter White in popular TV series Breaking Bad. This character was very different from the goofy one he played in Malcolm in the Middle. He then played a number of important roles in various movies.

3. Jane Kaczmarek (Lois)
Jane Kaczmarek didn’t have a great career after Malcolm In The Middle. She worked in a few shows like Help Me Help You, Raising the Bar and The Middle.

4. Christopher Masterson (Francis)
After the TV show, Christopher Masterson did not have anything substantial in the acting career. However, he decided to focus on his passion for DJ’ing.

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5. Justin Berfield (Reese)
After Malcolm In The Middle, Justin Berfield’s career in acting came to an extreme halt. He only starred in an episode of Sons of Tucson in the year 2010.

6.  Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey)
Erik Per Sullivan’s was last seen in a movie in 2010. After that, he even stopped using all of his social media accounts including Twitter due to which, a lot of people thought he was dead.

7. Craig Lamar Traylor (Stevie)
Craig Lamar Traylor didn’t cast in any notable movies after the show ended.

8.  Hayden Panettiere (Jessica)
Apart from Bryan Cranston,  Hayden Panettiere, who played the role of Jessica in Malcolm In The Middle is the only one from the cast to still have some serious stardom. She starred in Heroes, a fairly popular TV series which was active from 2006 to 2010. She is also currently in the cast of Nashville, another hit TV series. Her husband is none other than Wladimir Klitschko, former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

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