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Origins of the nail gun

The tool was fi rst invented in the 1950s by three US construction workers – Marvin Hirsch, John Ollig and Reuben Miller – who are thought to have based their...


Sleep Number Sleep IQ

Sleep IQ monitors you as you sleep, tracking your heart rate, breathing rate, movements and sleep cycles to calculate the quality of your sleep and help you fi...


Nest Protect

Combined smoke/carbon monoxide detector gives you a heads up before sounding the full alarm, texts you when its batteries are low, alerts you of hazards...


Chimneys big and small

Chimneys come in all shapes and sizes. Metal variations are quick to install and have push-fi t joining so are more versatile and adaptable than their brick...


How panic rooms work

Panic rooms hit the spotlight in 2002 when Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart starred in a fi lm where they were trapped in one, but what are these modern-day...


How do cranes get so high?

Tower cranes flock to money. During the economic boom years, high-rise construction cranes migrated from Beijing to Shanghai to Dubai, where it was estimated...


How do kettles boil water?

The electric kettle works thanks to two design breakthroughs achieved in Britain in the Twenties and Thirties. The fi rst is the immersed heating resistor, the...